“I am extremely humble to write a short testimonial for Pat, an outstanding professional and a dynamic educator.

She uses incredible creativity in preparing her classroom before students arrive for their education session.  She uses a variety of educational modules to engage her adult students throughtout the day.  She moves easily from one learning approach into another and students show by their high level of participation that they are enjoying and retaining the information being taught.

Her inner hero is her mindset:  she uses tact and engagement to support learning.  One must also admit the respect she conveys for taking the time to listen to her student’s experiences.  She also has tea, coffee and snacks!

I came away from two days of education delivered by Pat with a new jest for learning and applying the knowledge gained.

Thank you Pat.  I know that each time you teach about Mental Health First Aid, you are saving lives.”

…Norma Nicholson RN BA MA (Ed), author, educator, public speaker and youth expert