You Are Richer Than You Think


Traditional definitions of wealth associate it with money and assets.  But does wealth equate to happiness?  During life’s journey I have met a number of affluent people, who despite their wealth, felt they were missing something.   When I was a teen, I travelled with my school band to another city.  There I was billeted with a wealthy family. While having a lovely dinner in their elegant dining room the homeowner said to me, I am a poor man, I have nothing.  I was confused by his comment as I could see so many riches around me.  He clarified, I do not have my health.  During the night the gentleman was rushed to hospital and I was moved to a different host family in the morning.  This was my first lesson in what money can’t buy.  The Beatles have had a major influence on people with their song lyrics.  One in particular, “Can’t Buy Me Love” speaks to me.  So now I see that money does not buy health or love.

There are many treasures in life that money can’t buy.  I can think of few such as a new baby, a significant other, a sibling, a parent, a child, a good friend, or a loyal pet.  Additionally, we have nature’s beauty all around us, wildlife, rivers and streams, mountains, fresh air, green grass, gardens and the splendour of the 4 seasons.  Next time you are feeling “poor”, think of those who enrich your life with their love, laughter, and support.  Take a quiet walk in the woods and breathe in the wonders of nature.  You may find that you are richer than you think.