Mission Statement

“Taking Mental Health Awareness to Heart”  

The best way to support the Mental Health Community is to “facilitate, educate and engage”.  Teaching Mental Health First Aid is a great way to share the message that “Everyone Matters”. We are passionate about Mental Health Education and removing stigma.

History of Everyone Matters

Everyone Matters is a Mental Health Education service that delivers Mental Health First Aid training to organizations, post-secondary students and members of the general public. Throughout   Pat Thacker’s career in the employment services and education sectors, she worked with multi-barriered clients, many who self-disclosed as living with a mental health problem.  Through this experience, Pat recognized the need for learning how to help preserve life and keep someone safe until the appropriate help arrives.  Just as physical first aid is a very useful tool to stabilize a sick or injured person until professional help arrives, Mental Health First Aid has a similar function in providing initial help to someone experiencing a Mental Health problem or crisis.

Pat was first introduced to Mental Health First Aid as a participant in 2012.  At that time, she was working with clients who had experienced serious injuries in the workplace.   On a weekly basis many clients expressed having suicidal thoughts, depression and severe anxiety.  Pat sought out Mental Health First Aid training in order to develop effective tools to help respond to someone experiencing a mental health problem or a mental health crisis.

Pat was very impressed with how Mental Health First Aid training helped her both professionally and personally.  Pat has been able to apply Mental Health First Aid with clients as well as with people in her personal life.  Pat became a Certified Mental Health First Aid Instructor in October of 2014 and is dedicated to promoting mental health awareness and education to the community.

Pat has been a guest on the February 2, 2016  airing of  “Heer Now” on  Rogers Cable 10 Community Television, Brampton. The theme was  awareness around Mental Health and Mental Illness.


  • Certified Human Resources Leader, HRPA
  • Certified Mental Health First Aid Canada Instructor
  • Certified Personality Dimensions, Level 1 Facilitator
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management
  • 3-yr Business Administration Diploma





 Mental Illness In Peel, Heer Now – Rogers Cable 10, Feb. 2,  2016











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