What our clients say

“The Mental Health First Aid course provided me with significant new insight about mental health. The knowledge I gained from it has equipped me to better understand, assess and support my clients who are suffering from mental health issues. The material was comprehensive and very well-organized. Pat presented the information in a very clear and engaging manner. She demonstrated outstanding knowledge about the topic. Her positive attitude and genuine respect to the students made the classroom a great environment for learning. The activities that the group completed during the course were not only educational, but fun as well. I highly recommend taking this course, and I think that it will be beneficial to anyone who takes it.”

…Mariam Mahdi, Client Care Coordinator, Assisted Living Program, Lumacare

“I am extremely humble to write a short testimonial for Pat, and outstanding professional and a dynamic educator.  She uses incredible creativity in preparing her classroom before students arrive for their educations session. She uses a variety of educational modules to engage her adult students throughout the day.  She moves easily from one learning approach into another and students show by their high level of participation that they are enjoying and retaining the information being taught.

Her inner hero is her mindset:  she uses tact and engagement to support learning.  One must also admit the respect she conveys for taking the time to listen to student’s experiences.    I came away from two days of education delivered by Pat with a new jest for learning and applying the knowledge gained.

Thank you Pat.  I know that each time you teach about mental health first aid, you are saving lives.”

…Norma Nicholson RN BA MA (Ed), Author, Educator, Public Speaker and Youth Expert

“Great group of participants and instructor. Pat is well organized, thorough, and humorous.  Obviously a warm and caring person suited to share this type of material with others!”

 …Adele Blair, MSW, Private Adoption Practitioner

“Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop.  It was a relevant learning experience and what I found most useful was the practical approach that could help both, current front line mental health staff as well as any staff present at any agency that provides front line social services.”

…Maria-Eugenia Ricote, Employment Case Counsellor, Work Initiative Network, Woodgreen

“Pat is an engaging Instructor and Coach. I recently attended a Mental Health First Aid Training that she facilitated and I enjoyed the session. She combines sound knowledge of course content with brainstorming, group activities and easy to follow course materials to make for informative and inspirational learning.”

 …Tami Cooper, Certified Resume Strategist, Assistant Manager, Women of Courage Program at COSTI Immigrant Services

“Every agency absolutely needs to send their front line personnel to this training.  It is imperative!!  Pat – I thank you sincerely for allowing us to participate in this fantastic workshop.  You are an excellent facilitator and an engaging instructor.  You are real, authentic and incredibly inspiring!”

…Brenda Ferrato, Career Practitioner