Beating The Winter Blues

The weather in the GTA has been unusually cloudy for January and February.  I have talked to many people who have been feeling tired and low on energy.  The good news is that Family Day, February 20, 2017 is approaching.  Although, it could be tempting to hibernate and snuggle in bed, pay computer games, read, or watch T.V., you may not be doing yourself a favour.  Take advantage of the wonderful winter activities that are available in your community.  Exercise is well-known to boost endorphins, our happy brain chemicals.  Try tobogganing, snow tubing, skiing, skating, or going for a brisk winter walk or hike.  There is beauty in nature, even on those cold, cloudy days.  This morning, as I looked out my living room window, I saw 2 squirrels scurrying up and down a tree.  Due to the mild winter, they are quite chubby this year and could almost be mistaken for small rabbits.   This made be smile.  An evergreen shrub outside the window is a refuge for a variety of birds and it is fun to watch them and listen to them sing.  Do something kind for someone else.  Many people are stricken with illnesses during the winter months.  A warm meal, helping with their children, or a bouquet of flowers, could bring some light into someone else’s life. For those suffering with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), light therapy can help.  These are special lights that simulate sunlight.  There is an array of models that can be purchased/ordered through the medical supplies section of your pharmacy or online.  Light therapy, usually done within the first 2 hours of waking, helps to regulate brain chemicals at the proper time of day to re-set our body clock.  This helps with sleep.  Light therapy has also been known to increase the neurotransmitter serotonin, necessary for a sense of well being.

Wishing you all a wonderful Family Day!